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Debbie is an accomplished entertainment industry veteran, who after helping launch and run two independent studios, left her job as VP to co-found a printing company.
Bishop segued her talents in sales, design and marketing to form Left Field Productions, a full service agency that served all of the major movie studios and several businesses in tech, consumer products, publishing, food and lifestyle, for fifteen years. Bishop provided creative, marketing, strategy, product development, printing and manufacturing of packaging, displays and merchandisers.
During this time, she also ran a publishing company that distributed children's books, Y/A novels, graphic novels and comic books. Debbie is an author. Her comic book series was originally published by Image comics before her company took over distribution.

Debbie utilizes her experience help clients achieve their goals by creating websites, social media campaigns, video production and business strategy.

She is also writes books, comic books and scripts.    see her books at
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